John Legend & Muni Long Get Hot & Sticky In 'Honey'

Photo Credit: John Legend/YouTube

John Legend has been making his way onto our playlists this year with his newest singles "Dope" and "Honey." He's also been giving us a thrill with his visuals. The clip for "Dope" showcased a party that we're still mad we didn't get an invite to. He continues the storyline from there with a just-released video for "Honey."

Given that "Honey" is a much more sensual song than "Dope," it's only fitting that its video follows suit. It opens with John on the floor after a wild night. That's when a bee rudely wakes him up with a sting on the neck. That leads to him discovering that everything in the room, including the walls, are dripping with honey.

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Further exploration leads him to discover Muni Long, whom he finds bathing in a bathtub of the amber-colored stuff as she tempts him to join her while she luxuriates. Soon, the two of them are lounging in a room bursting with blooming flowers as everything, including them, are draped in the golden brown tones of the titular sweet stuff. We're eventually shown John waking up as the sprinklers in his front yard turn on, revealing that the video was just a dream (and confirming that the previous night was just as wild as he imagined).

We didn't find any clues as to what single is coming next in this clip, but with a new album from the singer on the horizon, we can't imagine another is far behind. Get sticky with John Legend and Muni Long when you watch the video for "Honey" right here.

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