Jessie Ware Wants You To 'Free Yourself'

Photo Credit: Jessie Ware/Instagram

The last time we heard from the incomparable Jessie Ware, she was asking us What's Your Pleasure? as she reinvented herself as a dance diva. It seems the album has ignited a spark in the singer that she's not ready to extinguish. Just a year after dropping off Pleasure's deluxe edition, Jessie is back on the dance floor with the release of her new single "Free Yourself."

"Free Yourself" throws back to the glittery days of disco and the beginnings of house with production that's heavy on the piano and a percussion arrangement that's heavy on the kick and snare. The combination is enough to get the singer worked up as she plays musical temptress on the song's chorus.

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"Free yourself / Keep on moving up that mountain top," she sings with reckless abandon. "Why don't you please yourself? / If it feels so good then don't you, baby don't you / Stop, don't stop, don't stop."

If that's not enough to get you going, then the music definitely will. It picks up layers of instruments as the proceedings move toward the song's heated climax, where Jessie opts to coo, moan and vamp before ramping things back up to the big finish.

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Jessie Ware has always known how to make us move, but we must admit that we're feeling the space that the singer is in at the moment. Join us and her out on the floor when you listen to "Free Yourself" below.

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