Jayye Michael Is Ready To Make A Name For Himself With 'Never Be'

Photo Credit: Jayye Michael/Instagram

Being the child of a well-known singer is one thing. But when that singer is vocal powerhouse, that's something else entirely. Luckily, Jayye Michael isn't letting that make him shy away from making his own way in the music industry. The singer, who is the son of SWV singer Coko Clemons, proves he's ready for his close-up with the release of his debut single "Never Be."

"Never Be" finds Jayye working through heartbreak over slinky production led by an intriguing, guitar-driven R&B melody. "Me and you could never be / Why can't you see?" he sings on the chorus. "All the things you've done to me / Made it harder for me / To love and trust someone."

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The verses break everything down even further as Jayye details the many things that led him down this path, including his partner's lying, put downs, cheating and conniving ways. Ultimately, though, Jayye just wants a clean break, telling the no-good lover to "pack your s**t" and walk on out of his life.

Jayye Michael doesn't display all the vocal pyrotechnics that his mother did back in her heyday on the track. But when you listen to his voice, you can hear the possibility of that along with a established sense of control over his instrument (especially on those lush, layered backgrounds that make this such a pleasant listen).

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"Never Be" might be a debut for Jayye Michael, but we guarantee it won't be the last you'll hear from this budding singer. Make sure you get acquainted with his talent by listening to the song below.

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