Jade Novah & Kenyon Dixon Take Love For A Wild Ride On 'Rollercoaster'

Photo Credit: Jade Novah/Instagram | Kenyon Dixon/Instagram

Jade Novah has a lot going on these days. The singer-songwriter has been releasing singles at a fairly steady clip since the release of her track "I Just Wanna Know" last fall. After blessing us with her romantic ballad "Lost In You" this past spring, Jade links with fellow indie R&B star Kenyon Dixon for her latest single "Rollercoaster."

As you'd expect, "Rollercoaster" deals with the ups and downs that come with a relationship. However, unlike Vivian Green's "Emotional Rollercoaster," those ups and downs lead to a thrilling ride amongst the sheets.

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The singers break things down for us on the verses, singing about the tense moments that lead to their moment of release. "We be living on the edge, baby / We be getting reckless," Jade sings at one point. "But we always regret it / I know I do, do you?"

By the chorus, though, they're more focused on making each other scream in a much more fun way. While Kenyon handles the ad-libs, Jade takes the lead, singing, "You’re my rollercoaster, baby let me ride / Worry about the low low once you get inside / So what we gonna do? / It's just me and you."

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Despite the song being hot and heavy, there's a sweetness present thanks to the airy synth and acoustic guitar that make up the song's central melody. Of course, the fact that Jade and Kenyon's voices love each other also helps to make this an exhilarating collaboration from two of our faves.

Listen to Jade Novah and Kenyon Dixon taking us to higher heights when you press play on "Rollercoaster" right here. After that, be sure to pick up your tickets for Jade's Moon In Pisces Tour, which kicks off in D.C. next month.

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