iyla Is Fed Up & Over It On 'FOH'

Photo Credit: iyla/Instagram

It seems like we're going to be seeing and hearing a feistier side of singer iyla in 2022. Her recent singles "Sad B***h Bad B***h" and "2LATE" both dealt with her fiercely moving on from bad love affairs. After getting those songs off her chest, though, the singer is upping the ante with her fiery new single "FOH."

If you're not entirely sure what "FOH" means, we suggest you get that particular definition from Urban Dictionary. We'll just say that it's not-so-nice way to tell someone to kick rocks. We don't think iyla is trying to be very nice on this track, though, as she unleashes some pent-up frustration at a man who is acting up.

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"Flame to your candle stick / Acolyte you need to act right / (In the name of) Whoever you believe, you need," she rap-sings over the song's driving bass and drums. "What day the trash go out? / Happen to all your rubbish? / Let's hear you touch the subject, the microphone's on."

She gets more direct on the chorus, though, calling him out as she sings, "You and I, face to face / Here's a taste of the show / You a lie, F-O-H / F**kin' fake, blowing smoke."

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Even with all the fire she's got for the poor unfortunate soul she's targeted, iyla manages to work in some interesting textures here, including at the end, where she goes into a jazz scat alongside a violin to show off her vocal skills.

We're still waiting for iyla to reveal details about whatever new project she's got brewing, but she's remained tight-lipped thus far. With three quality singles released, though, we have a feeling it's going to be a major vibe when it's released. While iyla keeps us in suspense, get into "FOH" when you press play below.

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