India Shawn Is At A Romantic Crossroads In 'CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE'

Photo Credit: India Shawn/YouTube

India Shawn is currently riding high on the well-received release of her debut album BEFORE WE GO (DEEPER). The set is impressive, buoyed by singles like the sultry "EXCHANGE" and "MOVIN' ON," and showcases the singer-songwriter's talents. One of the standouts is soulful midtempo "CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE" and it fittingly is the next track to get a visual.

The video follows the arc of the song, which finds India trying to decide if she should stay in her relationship or move on to her next step in love. While the lyrics express her anguish, the video does a good job of showing the good times that make her want to stay.

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We see the singer hugged up and in love with her boo in many of the intimate moments that provide the foundation for meaningful relationships. However, those are balanced with moments where she's by herself looking pensive as she attempts to work out her feelings. These moments, coupled with a heartfelt performance that radiates through the screen, make this video a compelling watch.

The video never resolves the situation, instead opting to leave things slightly ambiguous by closing with shots of her with her beau and also alone in contemplation. Though what happens is up in the air, what's not up for debate is how beautiful the visual is.

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Watch India Shawn ruminate on the right decision when you watch "CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE" below.

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