It’s A 'Good Mornin'' For Flwr Chyld & Sebastian Mikael

Photo Credit: Fela Raymond

After working with a string of dope artists such as Emmavie, James Tillman and Devin Tracy, Atlanta producer/songwriter Flwr Chyld comes through with another captivating collaboration perfect for summertime love. This time, he teams up with Sweden-bred, New York-based singer Sebastian Mikael for a sweet ode to the simple yet sacred moments of true romance entitled "Good Mornin'."

Over the quirky, mid-tempo groove, Sebastian sings of his adoration for his lover noting, "Just like the moon / She light up my darkest hour / And I'll cherish every moment / I wouldn't let this slip away / It’s here to stay."

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This latest release marks the second time these two artists have joined forces to create a soundtrack fit for lovers. Last year, their single ”Lucky Me” laid the groundwork for a smooth two-step and some good old-fashioned "adult time."

Perhaps the creative chemistry between them can be attributed to their solid friendship. Via social media, Flwr Chyld shared, "I'm happy we get to share this new s**t with ya’ll. Definitely been awhile and I'm grateful to be releasing it with one of my closest homies."

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The magic they produce has even prompted fans to request a full project from the dynamic duo, to which Flwr Chyld slyly responded, "Little birdie told me it's in the works." In the meantime, whether solo or in partnership, both artists have given us plenty to populate our sexy playlists for summer and beyond.

Listen to Flwr Chyld's "Good Mornin'" featuring Sebastian Mikael below and add the song to your collection from your preferred digital music platform.

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