Emotional Oranges Try To Resist Temptation In ‘Make Me Wanna’

Photo Credit: Emotional Oranges

Following a juicy performance at Pharrell WilliamsSomething In The Water festival last month, Emotional Oranges officially mark their return with their single “Make Me Wanna.” This time, the duo teamed up with producer Dante Jones of THEY. to create a sexy summer bop perfect for any poolside soundtrack.

Emotional Oranges tackle the art of resisting temptation on “Make Me Wanna.” A+V flirt back and forth during their verses, but when she sings the lyrics, “You make me wanna / Get all up on ya,” on the chorus, resistance may prove to be futile.

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Although it may sound like succumbing to temptation is inevitable, Emotional Oranges say the choice is yours. “With so many ‘options’ in today’s world, the song is about grappling with temptation but ultimately ‎staying true to yourself,” they explain about the song. 

A+V stay true to themselves and ham it up in the video for “Make Me Wanna.” Recorded in the studio on iPhone cameras, the screen is split into three with different footage being played in each vertical video. She’s singing in the video on the left, he’s singing in the video on the right and they come together to mug for the camera in the middle.

This latest release serves as their first release as independent artists and the first single from their upcoming project, The Juice Vol. 3. The track was almost two years in the making, and when they previewed it during the height of the pandemic, their adoring fanbase‎ loved, needed and wanted it.

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The mysterious duo expressed their gratitude on Instagram noting, “We knew how much you guys loved this one & wanted it to be the first thing you heard from Vol. III. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for riding with us the past few years and we can’t wait until you hear the rest of the project!”

With another new single waiting in the wings, Emotional Oranges are wasting no time and stoking anticipation for The Juice Vol. 3. While there’s no official release date scheduled, we can rest assured that more summertime vibes are on the way. Get the pool party started when you listen to “Make Me Wanna” below, and slide the track onto your playlists from your preferred digital music provider.

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