Emotional Oranges Have More 'Bounce' To The Ounce

Photo Credit: Emotional Oranges/YouTube

We are only one month into summer, and Emotional Oranges are already onto their second single of the season. “Bounce” is the follow-up to “Make Me Wanna,” and, like its predecessor, it is meant to get the party started, which A+V are pros at. The anonymous R&B duo has a knack for captivating lyrics and infectious beats, and they do it again with "Bounce." 

“Bounce” is lit from jump with a nice guitar riff followed by a bass line and keyboards to smooth out the vibe. That sets the stage for A to reminisce and reflect on the first verse. "And now you can't imagine how far we've come some days / Sunsets and dinners on me," he sings about going from ashy to classy and raises a toast to EO's success. 

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V comes through to sing about her come up on her verse. "She be the queen cause she beat the block / Come on, baby, this is light work / She took her time, went and broke out the box," she sings before shouting out her New York City roots. "Straight from the 212 / I ride for my side," she shares while posted up on the West Coast.

Emotional Oranges are talking their well-earned ish on "Bounce," but what really makes the track pop is the catchy and relatable chorus that sticks with you. "I said bounce / I need cash in large amounts, like woo / Make it count / I need cash in large amounts, like woo," a deep male voice sings, commanding your attention. 

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The visual for “Bounce” is another DIY situation. Just like the clip for "Make Me Wanna," the video was shot with just an iPhone, but this time around V rolls solo. We're treated to a unique vantage point of her standing over the iPhone camera that appears to be perched on a moving vehicle. She's bent over singing, grooving to the music and mugging for the camera while her long blonde box braids swing to and fro with a life of their own.

"Bounce" is yet another bop from the mysterious musicians. Emotional Oranges have built some serious momentum with their summer drops in advance of their upcoming third project, The Juice Vol. 3. While we wait for an official release date, bounce to Emotional Orange's “Bounce” below.

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