Ella Mai Shows Us ‘How’ To Get Away With Murder

Photo Credit: Ella Mai/YouTube

Ella Mai isn’t as innocent as she seems. The British beauty has a dark side, and she taps into her inner savage in the dramatic and cinematic music video for “How.” The Roddy Ricch-featuring track is the latest single from her sophomore album Heart On My Sleeve.

Directed by Colin Tillery, the visual features the songstress in the role of a kept woman who’s had enough of her man’s disregard and disrespect. Unfortunately for Ella, her man is a kingpin, so leaving him isn’t as simple as packing her bags and rolling out.

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However, she quietly hatches a plan while observing his wandering eye and hands when other women are present around the lavish villa they share. Ella files it all in her mental Rolodex and plays it cool and moves real smooth.

In one scene, she plays chess with her producer Mustard, and her queen kills his king in a bit of foreshadowing. Mustard and Roddy are next seen in a meeting with the kingpin when Ella approaches, exchanging glances with them both while whispering in her dude’s ear. We soon see that Roddy is in on her scheme, aiding her to take old boy down and out.

She puts her plan into action while having supper with her man, which turns out to be the last meal he’ll ever eat. Ella and all the other women in his employ are finally free of this brute, and she rides off into the sunset with no regrets.

Ella Mai is giving vintage glamour throughout the clip with her stylish outfits, hairdos and makeup looks to match the period in time that the video is set in. There’s a yellow couture gown that she wears that is particularly fetching.

Although we hoped that we’d get a video for her jam “Leave You Alone” next from Ella, she did us one better with this visual for “How.” Get into the drama when you press play to watch below.

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