Diddy & Bryson Tiller Take Us Into Club Love In 'Gotta Move On'

Photo Credit: Diddy/YouTube

Sean "Diddy" Combs has bopped his way back onto our playlists this summer with his hit single "Gotta Move On" featuring Bryson Tiller. The collaboration between the King Of Hip-Hop Soul and the King Of Trapsoul has made for a winning R&B combination. The single has already helped to set summer off, and now Diddy and Tiller set the club off in the song's official music video.

Diddy previously released a red hot visualizer for "Gotta Move On" featuring just him and a woman dancing to the music on a plain set. For the official video, though, we get quite a star-studded affair, a fly setting and an intriguing narrative in the Teyana Taylor-directed clip.

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The visual begins with Tiffany Haddish in the role of a beautiful bouncer at Club Love. As she's gathering people together and cracking jokes, Diddy and his crew walk up to the door. Haddish and Mr. Combs exchange pleasantries, and he rolls up in the spot followed by Bryson, London On Da Track, King Combs, Justin Combs, Quincy Brown and a gang of folks. Once inside Club Love, the sounds of people partying and having a grand time are heard before Yung Miami's voice welcomes everyone to the club in her own ratchet way.

At that point, the music for "Gotta Move On" finally drops in and the action really starts. The camera focuses on actress/singer Serayah who is in her own world on the dance floor in the midst of everyone turning up. While they're bathed in red lighting, Serayah is in the spotlight enjoying herself. Tiller starts singing his verse while surrounded by a few lovelies before he gets up to make his way through the crowded dance floor. Diddy, meanwhile, makes a beeline to Serayah who doesn't seem too pleased with his presence. There's clearly some history there, and they exchange some passionate looks and heated words before Bryson comes to Diddy's rescue and leads him away.

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Diddy ends up in the men's room and tries to collect himself. His emotions get the better of him, though, and he ends up destroying the bathroom in a fit of rage. That scene leads us into his verse, which he spits with a little extra swagger. After that Serayah incident, Diddy bounces back quickly and already has his eye on another woman (played by Joie Chavis) who is putting everyone else to shame on the dance floor with her seductive moves. Bryson and Diddy try to catch up with her, but she's too fast for them.

Near the end of the video, there's a comedic scene with a bartender who tries to call Diddy out. He quickly changes his tune when the mogul casually drops 100K to buy out the bar. The visual ends with Diddy outside of Club Love on the phone making more money moves. That's when the mystery woman reappears while she's leaving the club. She greets Diddy with a flirtatious, "Sup, Love," and keeps it moving, which entices him to end his call and follow.

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After watching the visual for "Gotta Move On," we kinda wish Club Love was a real place. The venue was lit, everyone was dancing, ballers were out and drinks were on Diddy. That's our kind of carrying on.

"Gotta Move On" serves as the first listen from Diddy's forthcoming R&B album on his new R&B-focused label Love Records in partnership with Motown Records. Expect more singles and visuals from Diddy before the project drops later this year.

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