City Girls & Usher Make It A ‘Good Love’ Summer

Photo Credit: Quality Control Music/Motown Records

There have been a few tracks under consideration for Song Of Summer 2022, but City Girls and Usher have dropped the strongest contender yet with their blazing new single “Good Love.” Released just in time for ESSENCE Fest, Independence Day and holiday celebrations across the country this weekend, Yung Miami, JT and Ursher Baby have provided the soundtrack to get the party started for “Good Love” Summer.

The Mr. Hanky-produced summer jam is heavy on the Miami bass with its speaker-rattling boom and interpolations of two classic bass songs in the lyrics. Usher starts “Good Love” off with the cadence and lyrics lifted from Lathun‘s 1997 hit “Freak It” with his own sexy refix. “I can freak you ’til the mornin’ / Get on top and ride on it / Eighty ways, I’ll keep you comin’ / Any way that you want it,” he sings his way into the panties. Meanwhile, Yung Miami pinches off “Don’t stop, get it, get it” from Luke‘s 1992 anthem “Breakdown” during her verse.

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We know that this is technically a City Girls song, but we’re just here for Usher. Quite honestly, he owns the song. His vocals are pristine, and as much as he’s singing – longer than Yung Miami and JT rapping combined – this might as well be Usher featuring City Girls. They’re welcome.

Although Usher steals their song right out from under them, City Girls have way more screentime than they do time on the mic in the video for “Good Love.” The visual is directed by Daps and filmed on location at Atlanta’s world famous Cascade skating rink.

Cascade is lit inside and out. Usher and City Girls hold court at the entrance much like on the single cover as people arrive and the atmosphere outside turns into a block party meets cookout. Miami and JT twerk, pop and drop it in booty shorts and crop tops showing all their assets. Usher joins them for a few dance moves and hip thrusts, but when he straps on his skates and hits the rink, he slides and glides like a professional skater. The ladies change outfits a few times and attempt to get their skate on with Ursh but can’t keep up with him on wheels. Bless their amateur skater hearts.

“Good Love” is a non-stop party – both the song and the video. City Girls and Usher make a good combo and set it off together on “Good Love,” but he totally outclasses them on their own track. We actually wouldn’t be mad hearing a solo version of this song from him while we wait for his next album. Between this track and his exemplary Tiny Desk Concert, Usher is on fire once again.

While we wait for Usher’s next music move, listen to and watch “Good Love” below.

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