Ciara Returns To Make That Thang 'JUMP' With Coast Contra

Photo Credit: Ciara/YouTube

It's been three years since Ciara released her last album, Beauty Marks, but the singer has been plenty busy in the interim. She's released several singles, birthed a beautiful baby boy and embarked on several business and philanthropic endeavors. The music is never far from Ciara's mind, however, and she's coming back dancing with the release of her newest single "JUMP."

"JUMP" is a return to form for the singer, who is always good for a dance track. The track pops off from the beginning with hard-hitting drums and chest-vibrating bass. From there, CiCi promises to turn us on and out as she describes her dancing prowess and the way it brings all the boys to the yard.

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But it's the chorus where the party really gets going as she chants, "You like it when I make the thang jump / You go wild when I make the thang jump / It get loud when I make the thang jump / It's a party when I make the thang jump, jump."

Rap quartet Coast Contra pop up soon after to give the song a fired-up verse and channel Lil Jon as they encourage everyone to stop and drop that thang low.

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Of course, it wouldn't be a Ciara track without a fire video. She turns to Dave Meyers to provide her with his visionary eye and he gives her quite the spectacle. We see CiCi and her many different sides as she flips through looks like a lookbook, with bold wigs and audacious outfits. It's all about the moves, though, and she and her girls have plenty of 'em. They twerk, shake and gyrate their way through the scenes and special effects while displaying the fanciest of footwork.

Ciara recently signed a new record deal with Republic Records and Uptown Records through her own company Beauty Marks Entertainment. That means that "JUMP" also represents a jumping off point for her eighth studio album. While the details on that one are slim, we expect to hear a lot more about it soon. In the meantime, hop on to CiCi's next chapter when you listen to "JUMP" and stream its video below.

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