Christian Kuria Paints A Faded Picture Of Love On 'Sunbleach'

Photo Credit: Christian Kuria/Instagram

Christian Kuria has supplied us with thoughtful songs that touch on the usually unspoken aspects of relationships. The last we heard from the singer-songwriter, he wowed us with his single "So." Now he's back to do it once again with his latest release, "Sunbleach."

"Sunbleach" plays with the idea of memory and love, comparing it to the fading of colors that can occur when something is left to sit in the sun. Christian immediately evokes this feeling from the very first verse, singing, "Faded paint on your Impala / Red is never gonna look the same / Even when the sky at end of day's / Lighting up your face like / Portraits hang in your apartment."

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He evokes that feeling with the music as well, beautifully arranging it so that hazy guitar dances in the background around warm chords and steady drums. Things pick up just a tad in order to add more gravitas to the chorus, on which Christian sings wistfully, "But when you look in my eyes / The way you look in my eyes / It kills me every time / Driving 'round the city with my eyes closed / No phone / In the afterglow, it was you and me."

We don't know if the summer release of this single was an intentional plan, but the fact that its sound and feel match the season perfectly makes us think it was. It may just be the perfect soundtrack to a summer fling (or to sit and reminisce about one once the memory of summer has faded like the paint on that Impala).

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Take a listen to the latest from Christian Kuria when you press play below. Then stick around to sing along as you watch the song's lyric video.

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