Chaka Khan Lets Us Know A Woman's Worth With 'Woman Like Me'

Photo Credit: The SRG/ILS Group

Chaka Khan is an undeniable legend. So anytime she wants to grace us with her talent, we'll always be all ears. She last gave us something to talk about when she blessed us with her 13th studio album Hello Happiness in 2019. Now, it seems that the soul vet is ready to give us another collection of music. But first, she's hitting us off with her anthemic new cut "Woman Like Me."

"Woman Like Me" finds Chaka taking to task many of the misogynistic things that have been said about women through the years from the very beginning. "She's more than her body / More than her ass in some jeans, let's be clear / More than her makeup / More than the lace front that she chose to wear," she sings in her signature rasp. "She is your sister / She is your mother, your daughter, your girl."

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She really gets down to it, though, on the chorus, where she hammers her point home, singing, "She's your strength when you're weak / Without her, where would you be? / 'Cause the world ain't a thing without a woman, a woman like me."

While she gave a similar message with a disco-funk swing on "I'm Every Woman," this time around she opts to underscore her seriousness with bluesy modern production. The hi-hats that are everywhere are present here, but the melody is crafted with a combination of keys, guitar and a hint of strings that add gravity to the affair.

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Chaka Khan recently signed to The SRG/ILS Group and it seems the singer is very happy with her new label home, saying in a statement, "I am very proud to be with The SRG/ILS Group, a company that is run by a real musician who understands the needs of artists that have been overlooked for years." There's no word on when we can expect a new Chaka album, but if the songs are up to the standard set by "Woman Like Me," we're in for a treat.

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