Austin Brown Wants To Get Away From The Troubles Of The World On 'Laylow'

Photo Credit: Brennen McMurray

Austin Brown is not necessarily a name we've heard on the solo tip as of late, but rest assured you've been hearing the fruits of his labor all over the place. Whether through his group BLVK CVSTLE, creating magic with Raven-Symoné, getting funky as one-half of Caliyork or crafting musical moments with Tank And The Bangas on their recent effort Red Balloon, the singer-songwriter and producer stays busy and keeps heads nodding. He's ready to step in front of the scenes once again, though, as he opens a serious dialogue with his new single "Laylow."

"Laylow" wears its reggae influences on its sleeve with a lilting guitar rhythm and heavy bass comprising the foundation of the track. Echo-y drums and tightly layered backing vocals create the rest of the musical backdrop, creating a beautiful yet world-weary sound that fits the lyrics perfectly.

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The chorus of the song sums up the song's mood quite nicely, as Austin references the early days of the pandemic and our building disillusionment with the ways of the world. "All we can do is lay low / If I want it then I see it’s a vibe / Since we can’t go nowhere we get high / Blow the smoke dissipate / Like these times," he sings.

The subject matter might be a little gloomy, but hope is still found as Brown makes reference to love, both personal and for his people, in the verses. Austin further explained this via email, writing, "The song is about a [post-pandemic] world and the pieces and shifts we as a society have been left following the hardest time we have seen in this new era. All we can do is watch, listen and move calmly as the order and structure of our [livelihood] shifts. Love is the only root we can depend on...[A]s we move forward let’s enjoy what we do have."

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Austin Brown has once again caught our attention with this one and we can't wait to hear what he's got next. Listen to "Laylow" when you press play below.

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