Your Grandparents & Amindi Heard It Through The Grapevine In 'Somebody Told Me'

Photo Credit: The Orchard

The creative trio known as Your Grandparents are back with “Somebody Told Me,” a cautionary tale of how rumors can negatively impact a relationship. For this one, they solicited fellow Los Angeles-based neo-soul artist Amindi to help them tell the story. 

“Somebody Told Me” is slightly up-tempo, with a hypnotizing synth-driven beat created by producer and Your Grandparents member ghettoblasterman. Sprinkle in some drums, tambourine claps and keyboards and you have a beat that will rock plenty of cookouts this summer. 

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Your Grandparents’ vocalist Jean Carter injects his smooth vocals, joined by DaCosta’s smooth lyrical flow and Amindi’s sultry vocal tones. The lyrics tell how one partner in the relationship uses less than reliable information to confront the other. "Somebody told me / That you had a man / Somebody told me / That you said / We was just friends," Carter croons. We come to find out later that the source of some of these rumors was a friend of a friend of a friend – not exactly what most consider receipts. 

Amindi plays the role of the love interest who's been accused of cheating, and she sets things straight when she proclaims, "F**k what you heard through the grapevine / Why would I be here if you ain’t mine / Yeah n****s lookin’ cause I stay fine / But you’re my number one, my main line." 

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The visual, created and directed by Your Grandparents as well, has fun with the concept of hearsay and takes watching television to another level. It starts with ghettoblasterman sitting down on his couch and turning on his TV. What looks to be an old sitcom is on his screen, but he soon sees himself on screen, too.

Your Grandparents, Amindi and their crew are seen on the TV kicking it in a living room and acting out the scene, complete with a live audience and laugh track to add to the sitcom realness. ghettoblasterman is the main character on the show, and we watch him watching himself, just as puzzled as can be, implying that what he's seeing is not real and part of his imagination. 

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During the sitcom scene, ghettoblasterman’s girlfriend walks into the living room and tells him she is leaving and she has a new man. The audience reacts with a collective “Ohhh” as another man moves into view to be by her side. The rest of the visual is very entertaining as we see Jean Carter, DaCosta and Amindi appear on ghettoblasterman’s screen, in different scenes, from cooking shows to psychic hotline commercials, as they inject some hilarious moments into the visual. 

“Somebody Told Me” is Your Grandparents first release since their 2021 debut album Thru My Window. The trio continues to impress us with their vocals, lyrical skills, creativity and bumping beats. In many ways, they are a throwback with their sound and originality. Press play on the "Somebody Told Me" audio and video below, and stay tuned for what’s next from this exciting group. 

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