Tori Alamazé Shows Us How To Celebrate The Now With 'Cheers 2 Life'

Photo Credit: Tori Alamaze/Instagram

Tori Alamazé is a woman on the comeback trail. The singer is on the independent tip, and she's impressed us with her recent single "Cycles," which was lifted from her upcoming EP Magick, Blessings & Bulls**t, Vol. 2. With the set scheduled to be released next month, she continues to stoke our interest with her new single "Cheers 2 Life."

"Cheers 2 Life," if not obvious from the title alone, is all about taking stock and celebrating where she is in the moment. A slick mid-tempo groove composed of stutter-stop percussion and gentle guitar helps her tell the story of why she's living for the now. The verses, meanwhile, talk about what she's done to get here, including mention of traveling and self-care (which are things that everyone could use a bit more of). But the true celebration comes on the chorus.

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"So cheers to life / Peace of mind / Finally put me first / I feel alive," she sings. "So cheers to life / Peace of mind / Celebrate the magic I feel inside."

While the song's message is definitely sweet, it's Tori's vocal, which balances the song's hopeful feeling with a tranquility that can only come with accepting where you are and embracing what's to come.

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We could all learn a thing or two from Tori Alamazé. Start your lesson by listening to "Cheers 2 Life" when you press play.

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