The Hics Let Us Into Their Lives & Process In 'On You'

Photo Credit: The Hics/YouTube

London's own The Hics returned to us earlier this year with the release of their EP HARMINE. The duo has also given us insight into how creative they have been during the quarantine thanks to their music videos, like the one they released for the single "Tell Me." Now the twosome shows us how they handled the quarantine in the clip for slick, moody track "On You."

"On You" has an intimate feel thanks to its tight arrangement and unshowy vocals that feel like a conversation being had by the group. The video keeps things just as intimate as we focus on group members Roxane Barker and Sam Paul Evans going about their daily routine.

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We see them walk through an eerily quiet London (likely that way due to the quarantine, which is referenced in shots showing signage warning citizens to "Save lives, control the virus"). Their separate strolls lead them back home, where they began the process of making music. They remain locked in that groove until the video's end, where we see a fast cut of everything we watched previously until the film warps and tears and the clip fades to black.

The clip for "On You" doesn't necessarily fit the narrative of the song's lyrics, but it does give us more insight into what a day in the life of The Hics is like — and we're very grateful. Watch the video when you press play below.

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