Taliwhoah Has An Important Conversation With Herself On 'Imposter Syndrome'

Photo Credit: Taliwhoah/Instagram

Taliwhoah is back on the scene on the independent tip these days and dealing with the freedom and the pressures that entails. And though the songstress is talented, even she can have moments of self-doubt and introspection. She lets us into one of those moments with her most recent single "Imposter Syndrome."

"Imposter Syndrome" finds the singer having a hard conversation with herself as she tries to shake herself out of the funk she's in. "You thinkin' that it's over / Already deeper going lower / But it ain't too late," she sings sweetly. "You laugh like you're not weak when / You're the one that needs healin' / And that's OK."

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The conversation between Taliwhoah and her bruised psyche gets deeper as the song progresses, with her telling herself to not sleep on her talents and to choose herself over anyone else. The heart of the song, however, comes at the end with a spoken-word portion said over mournful vocals and strings as she gets all the way real with a powerful pep talk. "You're only a failure if you don't get back up," she says at one point. "So get back up."

While we're sure the song was therapeutic for Taliwhoah, we can't deny that its message is one that many need to hear in these uncertain times. If you've ever felt like you were undeserving of your shine or weren't worthy to be celebrated, allow the talented singer-songwriter's words to help you stake claim to your highest self when you press play.

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