Sunni Colón Invites Us To Live In His 'UNIVERSE 4 TWO'

Photo Credit: Sunni Colón/YouTube

There's something to be said about subtlety. Sunni Colón proved this with his recent album JúJú & The Flowerbug, which contains a multitude of subtle romantic jams that wow without hitting us over the head with theatrics and tricks. Sunni has also taken that subtle approach with the album's visuals, including the recently released clip for the album's lead off "UNIVERSE 4 TWO."

The video for the song is saturated in color, from the vibrant backdrops to the vivid colors and patterns of Sunni's clothing. The shades complement both the singer's tall, dark and handsome appearance and the song's light and airy groove.

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Sunni, meanwhile, keeps things simple as the camera focuses mainly on him as he rocks and vibes to the sounds of the track while staring at the camera as if it's the love of his life. It's an inviting way to make a video that makes the viewer feel as if they're with him grooving to the song while taking in his attractive, model-esque visage.

His effortless seduction of the camera amid the video's main scenes is a testament to his undeniable appeal and the way that Sunni Colón crafts a love song that makes listeners feel like he is singing to only them.

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Kick back, relax and join Sunni in his "UNIVERSE 4 TWO" when you press play.

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