SoulBounce Exclusive World Premiere: The Praise Party Continues In Anthony David & Algebra Blessett's 'Heaven (Amapiano Mix)' Video

Photo Credit: Atta Junior

We've been praising Anthony David and Algebra Blessett's remake of BeBe & CeCe Winans' hit gospel song "Heaven" from the moment we heard it. Anthony and Algebra's take on the classic song stays true to the original, but they've truly made it their own. The artists took making the song their own to another level and to the dance floor with their remix "Heaven (Amapiano Mix)." Now they're keeping the praise party going in the "Heaven (Amapiano Mix)" music video, which SoulBounce is proud to debut in an exclusive world premiere.

The visual for "Heaven (Amapiano Mix)" picks up where Algebra and Anthony left off in the video for "Heaven." After that soul-stirring live performance featured in that clip, director Kola Adetola's cameras kept rolling to capture the after party and some behind-the-scenes footage inside Rock Steady in the heart of downtown Atlanta.

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We see Anthony and Algebra in the DJ booth singing and grooving to their remix. Helping them to get the party started right are dancers Cece Tor, Olivia Danso and Vonna who set it off on the dance floor to the track's South African house rhythms. The ladies invite Algebra to join them, and she happily obliges, quickly catching up with the choreography. Not to be outdone, Anthony soon steps from behind the booth onto the dance floor and falls in line with the ladies with a little bop.

Press play to watch Algebra Blessett and Anthony David's fun video for "Heaven (Amapiano Mix)" below. Be sure to clear some space to dance, because there's no way you can sit still when this starts playing.

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