Sidibe Is 'Tellin' U' Even More With A Remix From Pat Lok

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Instagram

Sidibe is the queen of the slow-burning jam and that's an uncontested fact. Her recent single "Tellin' U" showcases this talent perfectly. But the singer also has the ability to fit any style. In that spirit, she teams with producer Pat Lok to give "Tellin' U" a brand-new flavor with a house-influenced remix.

The remixer starts this new version off in familiar territory, with the opening seconds sounding similar to the original with an added bit of percussion in the mix. But when the chorus kicks in, we really get into things. A bouncy, elastic rhythm joins the groove, as do claps, synths, hi-hats and a few other added elements. All this sends the song soaring in a new direction that leads us to the dance floor.

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Sidibe doesn't record a new vocal for the remix, but Pat makes sure to add a few tricks to keep it fresh, including a bit of distortion and reverb at times to match the new vibe. Near the song's close, he even chops it up to create a dramatic tension before tossing us back into the ecstasy of the track's new groove in its final moments.

This remix of "Tellin' U" is smokin' hot and shows that Sidibe and Pat Lok work quite well together. Do we hear the possibility of future collaborations to come? We certainly hope so and you will too when you press play below.

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