Sidibe Brings Us An Oasis Of Beauty & Artistry With ‘Diamond In The Desert’

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Instagram

One of music’s most important functions is to be a balm in a time of strife. Lord knows in these times we’ll need all the soothing that we can get. Luckily, we have an artist like Sidibe who is committed to using her artistry to express the beauty that can be found in love shared between two people. The singer-songwriter brings more of that beauty into the world with the release of her latest EP Diamond In The Desert.

The Diamond In The Desert EP rounds up all the singles Sidibe has released thus far in 2022 — “Diamond In The Desert,” “Help Yourself,” “Tellin’ U” and “Go On Ahead” — and stings them together with three interludes to create a cohesive body of work full of lovely vibes.

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Though we have already heard each of the songs individually, the collection weaves each into a larger story, taking us from first blush of infatuation to the longing and desire found in established relationships. Meanwhile, the interludes provide a mainly instrumental segue while letting us get even more of her melodic vocal ability.

“The inspiration for this EP came from my time in the desert and the overwhelming sense of wonder I feel in its presence. Here I have found a haven, a diamond and a renewed sense of awe for the mystery and magic of life,” the artist wrote of the EP on Instagram.

“As you listen to it, my wish is for you to feel the same sense of awe and love I feel for this special place. When you’re through, I hope you feel like you are here with me. That’s what it’s about … the awareness of a sacred oneness … this is what beauty means to me.”

We must say that the EP is also a beautiful oasis for us that is worth revisiting multiple times.

Sidibe Diamond In The Desert [Amazon][Apple Music][TIDAL]

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