Pete Philly Would Like To Take A Moment To Be 'Still'

Photo Credit: Pete Philly/Facebook

Pete Philly did a lot while taking a break from the music scene. Last year he tied the knot with the love of his life, and now the couple is expecting a bundle of joy. He's also begun releasing a steady stream of singles as of late, with his tracks "FTP" and "All Day" being the most recent. He continues the trend with his latest single "Still."

"Still" is a mellow track built on looped guitar, snaps and programmed drums and vocal samples. It's a recipe that creates a loving ode to those he loves and the peace they bring. Pete rhymes and sings about finding a moment to just be with one another and free of all the pressures of the world.

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"Still / Drown the sound out I need to be / Still / Find my way back to you," he sings on the chorus. "Still / Just for a moment, can we stay / Still?"

Seeing as the song is about finding the quiet moments in life, the song features quite a few where just the guitar and snaps are isolated to give a tranquil feel. In the end, though, he breaks that quiet calm to show off a bit of his lyrical prowess before bringing things to a close with a single "shhhh."

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We've always been down for Pete Philly, and if he delivers on his promise of having many more releases to come, we'll be happy to hear them all. Grab a quiet moment with him when you press play below.

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