Ne-Yo’s Got The Bag & ‘You Got The Body’

Photo Credit: Ne-Yo/YouTube

Ne-Yo is back on his grind as he prepares for the release of his eagerly anticipated new album Self Explanatory, set to drop in a matter of weeks. He dropped the first single “Don’t Love Me” last month and is now building more momentum with new single “You Got The Body” and a titillating music video. 

“You Got The Body” is not the typical Ne-Yo song. As his fans can attest, he has an affinity for love songs and matters of the heart. This song bypasses all that lovey-dovey stuff and is strictly about a man willing to share his “bag” and lavish lifestyle in exchange for a shallow, purely physical relationship. 

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The vibe for this song is driven by a trap-like drumbeat, ’90s R&B synths and vocodered backgrounds to supplement Ne-Yo’s signature vocals. The instrumentation sets the stage for a very strip club-ready groove.

To the strip club is where Ne-Yo takes us, and he brags on his bag from the first verse. “Stack like a hunnid bands / Act right, I never can / Act like my biggest fan / Baby, I’m the man and you know I am / If she act right, I’ma put it in her hands / Money like you don’t even understand,” he sings. 

The “You Got The Body” music video brings the song’s strip club energy to life in an artistic way. All-around creative Teyana Taylor is in the director’s chair, and the visual is chock full of sex appeal. It starts with a glimpse of an exotic dancer sliding down a pole head first followed by brief shots of additional dancers maneuvering around the pole and moving seductively on the soundstage.

The focus shifts to Ne-Yo who’s seen dancing in a dimly lit area with a spotlight on him. We never see his full face, which is obstructed by one of his fashionable fedoras. Joining Ne-Yo as his leading lady who gets to share some screentime hugged up with him is his real-life leading lady, his wife Crystal Smith.

It seems as if Ne-Yo is bringing fans some variety on his eighth studio album. We look forward to hearing all the music he has in his bag when Self-Explanatory is released on Friday, July 15th. 

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