Natalie Imani Loves Hearing That 'Sweet Talk'

Photo Credit: Natalie Imani/Facebook

Like many of us, Natalie Imani is ready for a Hot Girl Summer. Unlike most of us who can't carry a tune, though, she's providing her own soundtrack with her new single "Sweet Talk."

"Sweet Talk" sounds like a tropical summer. That's thanks to Muhsinah who lends her production talents to this island-tinged bop. Muhsinah hooks Natalie up with an electro-funk soundscape highlighted by thumping percussion and Moog synthesizer. The song's rhythm beckons you to the dance floor to wine your waist, bust a body roll, back it up or all of the above.

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On the dance floor is where you'll find Natalie Imani with somebody's son, and she can't resist his charms. She flirts with him throughout the song, singing coy lyrics like, "I get lost in your eyes / Then I'm falling like tears / No way to deny / Oh there's something 'bout you."

But by the chorus, she's ready to get it on and popping. "You know how to sweet talk me / Oh baby, you can get it / I'm giving you my loving tonight," she sings, done with playing hard to get.

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In the video for "Sweet Talk," Natalie gives us a sneak preview of how she gets down. She's seen solo posted up in front of a metal garage door with murals on the building's brick walls. Nat feels cute and won't delete later as she's dressed to entice in a short jacket and black boots while all eyes are on her thighs. She keeps it light on the dancing tip, busting a few moves here and there but making sure not to break a sweat.

Natalie Imani's "Sweet Talk" has entered the summer jam chat and is ready for immediate inclusion on any summertime playlists. Press play below to hear and see what we mean.

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