Muni Long Taps Saweetie To Show Love To Her ‘Baby Boo’ & Is Named June’s MTV Push Artist

Photo Credit: Muni Long/Instagram | Saweetie/Twitter

Summer isn’t even here yet, but there are already a few contenders for Song of Summer ’22. A fresh entry comes from Muni Long who taps Saweetie to join her on her latest single “Baby Boo.” After bringing us a cuffing season classic with “Hrs And Hrs” this past winter and two subsequent R&B bangers with “Another” and “Pain” this spring, Muni is banking on “Baby Boo” to be a summer jam.  

She may just be on to something. “Baby Boo” has a mid-’90s throwback feel and Miami Bass appeal that is on-brand for the native Floridian. The song will immediately bring to mind Ghost Town DJs‘ 1996 classic “My Boo” thanks to its similar title and its sound.

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The upbeat number is a nice change of pace for Muni who has no shame in her game when it comes to expressing her feelings to someone she’s feeling. “I love you, I love you / I’m always thinkin’ of you / And no, it’s not a crush / Baby, I wanna lock you down / Ooh, I wanna cuff you / Wanna make you my boo, wanna make you my boo,” she joyously and unapologetically sings over the twerk-ready beat. 

Saweetie joins Muni for verse two, and she’s got her girl’s back as she gets in the flow. “Maybe you’ll love me on Monday / Maybe you’ll love me on Tuesday / Maybe you’ll notice me one day / If you look at me, I’m gonna faint, bae,” she raps, hoping to get some attention and affection. 

Not only does Muni Long have a potential summer hit on her hands, MTV Push named her their Global Push Artist for June. As this month’s spotlight artist, she recorded a two-track performance and sat down for an insightful interview and some fun and games.

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For her performance, Muni, her band and her background singers were dressed in semi-formal attire. A string section accompanied her as well as a few dancers. She chose to perform a slowed-down version of “Baby Boo,” which put emphasis on her vocals. Even with the switch up to the song’s sound, she didn’t disappoint here or later in the visual when she broke us off with a flawless rendition of “Hrs And Hrs.”

Muni Long’s MTV Push feature was both entertaining and enlightening. The singer-songwriter is talented, versatile and as real as they come. Press play below to watch the artist putting in work, and stay tuned for much more to come from her direction. We have a good feeling that the first six months of the year were just Muni Long’s warmup.

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