Muni Long To Release New EP 'Public Displays Of Affection Too' After Stunning 'Hrs And Hrs' Performance On BET Awards '22

Photo Credit: Muni Long/Instagram

One of the highlights of this year's BET Awards was a showstopping performance by Muni Long of her monster hit "Hrs And Hrs." She took her time on stage and created a moment that was a vocal and visual chef's kiss. Muni's name is on everyone's tongue right now, and she's going to make sure to keep it there with the announcement of her new EP, Public Displays Of Affection Too.

As the title suggests, the project is a continuation of sorts of her Public Displays Of Affection EP, which she released independently in November 2021. This new EP will be her debut release on Def Jam Recordings and pick up where Long left off with her recently released new singles and more.

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Public Displays Of Affection Too will feature Muni Long's back-to-back-to-back singles "Another," "Pain" and "Baby Boo," her current summer jam with Saweetie. The five-song EP will also have two other songs, the curiously-titled tracks "Crack" and "Cartier." Absent from Too is John Legend and Muni's sexy duet "Honey," but that particular song will be released on his as-yet-untitled forthcoming new album on Republic Records.

All these new releases have been coming fast and furious from Muni Long's direction, and she isn't making fans wait long at all to get Public Displays Of Affection Too either. The EP will be released this Friday, July 1st. That's what we call striking while the iron is hot, and Muni Long is damn near on fire right now.

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After you watch her lovely performance of "Hrs And Hrs" on BET Awards '22 – her first of what we're sure will be many in the years to come – below, scroll down to view the tracklist to Public Displays Of Affection Too and circle its Friday release in red on your calendars.

Muni Long Public Displays of Affection Too tracklist:

1. Pain
2. Another
3. Baby Boo with Saweetie
4. Crack
5. Cartier

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