Mahalia Celebrates A Love That Feels Like ‘Forever’

Photo Credit: Mahalia/YouTube

Tis the season of spring and summer flings, but there are many who’ve found the real thing. If you’re amongst those who have a love on lockdown, then Mahalia has a song for you and your boo with her Letter To Ur Ex cut “Forever.” The song is inspired by a true love story – her own – and we get to see Mahalia and her real-life beau in the track’s music video.

Mahalia filmed most of the footage for “Forever” herself on a camcorder (and she edited it herself, too), giving the visual a home movie feel. Throughout the video, she shares intimate and everyday moments with her boyfriend, behind-the-scenes clips from other shoots and shots of her singing into the camera. All the while she’s having fun and looking totally smitten while singing sweet lyrics such as, “You feel like, sound like / Look like, smell like forever.”

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After keeping her man under wraps, the singer-songwriter made a conscious decision to share her relationship with the world now.

“people always ask me if i get scared sharing my personal life with you guys and i have to be honest, i don’t,” she captioned an Instagram post sharing a clip of the video. “a huge part of my artistry is over sharing. i do it in my music and on stage so why not visually too? this footage is almost as special to me as the person in it.” Aww, ain’t love grand?

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With her very up close and personal video for “Forever,” Mahalia has officially given us visuals for each song on her Letter To Ur Ex EP. She already delivered the goods with “Letter To Ur Ex,” “Whatever Simon Says,” “In The Club” and “Letter To Ur N(ex)t” and does it again here. With nothing left to give from this new EP, we’re already eagerly anticipating what’s next from the prolific songstress. While we ponder what that may be, watch Mahalia and her man’s “Forever” love below.

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