Lizzo Drops An Anthem For All Her 'Grrrls'

Photo Credit: Lizzo/Instagram

We are just over a month away from the arrival of Special, and Lizzo is getting ready to ramp up the promo blitz. Her single "About Damn Time" is burning up the charts and making a viral splash on socials, and she's bound to be everywhere. Before she goes full takeover, though, she offers us an anthem for the ladies with her new single "Grrrls."

You might notice that "Grrrls" is slightly similar to the title of her Amazon Prime show Watch Out For The Big Grrrls, and that's no coincidence. The song is all about bigging up the ladies in the spirit of female empowerment, just like the themes on the series. She lets us know about how ride or die she is when it comes to her girls while the Max Martin-produced track knocks with a pop-meets-trap beat.

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"That's my girl, we codependent / If she with it, then I'm with it / Yeah, we tussle, mind your business / Zu, zu, zu, zu, zu-su-lu," she rhymes on the pre-chorus. "That's my girl, we CEOs / And dancin' like a C-E-ho / We about to throw them bows / Let's f**k it up."

If we're being honest, "Grrrls" is no "About Damn Time." However, the song is just as rowdy and fun as we'd expect from any Lizzo track while giving us a boost of girl power in the process. Get your ladies together and prepare to get a little crazy when you listen to the track below.

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