Leon Bridges & Kevin Kaarl Craft A Song For Warm, Romantic Nights On 'Summer Moon'

Photo Credit: Leon Bridges/Instagram

Leon Bridges is an artist who never shies from collaborations. We're still vibing to Texas Moon, his second collaborative effort with Khruangbin, and he's worked with the likes of Diplo and Jazmine Sullivan in the past year. Now the singer-songwriter has unveiled yet another collaboration, this time teaming up with fellow artist Kevin Kaarl for their new single "Summer Moon."

"Summer Moon" takes it nice and easy with a gentle rocking rhythm and simple instrumentation as it lulls us into a romantic haze. Leon and Kevin take turns singing on the verses, with Leon kicking things off as he sings as sings of getting closer with the person he loves on a warm summer night. "When we are close / I can't help but feel it," he sings poetically on the refrain. "When we are wrong / I don't know the meaning / You and I make peace that flows like a river / Travels like the stream / Light beam on the sea."

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Kevin delivers his verse alternating between English and Spanish as his raspy tenor coaxes the listener into a state of calm alongside the slow groove. Leon soon joins him, adding a few adlibs before falling back into the harmony of the chorus. He then lets his partner in song take us home en español for the song's remaining moments.

We often get caught up in thinking that songs released in summer need to have a fast-paced groove to keep us dancing. Leon Bridges and Kevin Kaarl prove that sometimes slow and steady works just as well to bring us closer in the summer heat. Wind down with the sounds of "Summer Moon" when you listen to the stream below and then check out the romantic lyrics in the track's lyric video.

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