KIRBY Kicks Her Man To The Curb For Some 'New D'

Photo Credit: KIRBY/Instagram

One thing we can say about KIRBY, she keeps it fresh and exciting when it comes to her music. The Bounce-Worthy singer, songwriter and musician has done it time after time, and she does it again on "New D," her first new single after her stellar 2021 project Sis. He Wasn’t The One

On “New D” (yes that "D"), KIRBY demonstrates her uncanny ability to cover an extremely relevant topic (kicking a love interest to the curb) and deliver it in a way that is both clever and funny. We don’t know what prompted her to turn the page on her relationship, but it is clear what her intent is as she sings, "Replacing that ass like Beyoncé / Want you to meet my fiancé / Can’t wait to wave that n***a all in your face / So close, so close I hear you asking for space." 

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KIRBY is adept at inserting elements of Black pop culture into her lyrics, as illustrated by her references to a few famous folks as she continues to administer the lyrical assault. "I be like Oprah Winfrey pulling up with a Stedman / I’m Scottie with this pimping / You benched up like the sixth man / It be like that / You tried to be my Gayle though / Could I be friends with all my exes? Hell no," she hilariously sings. 

The instrumentation for “New D” is a throwback to the classic Motown sound, with piano, bass, drums and horns showcased throughout. It's the perfect foundation for KIRBY's strong, unique voice, and she has perfected the art of fluctuating her vocals and flexing her range as needed during her songs. 

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"New D" is yet another entertaining track in KIRBY's catalog. We anxiously await the release of a visual for this one, but in the meantime, listen to “New D” below.  

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