KendyX Lets Her Man Know That He's Not The Only One With 'Options'

Photo Credit: Kendy X/YouTube

KendyX made a splash in 2021 with her catchy single "For Me," then made waves earlier this year with a remix featuring rappers DreamDoll and Kalan.FrFr. The singer-songwriter is making sure she stays in rotation with the recent release of her debut EP Misplaced, and she's shared a music video for the cut "Options." 

On “Options,” KendyX puts her boyfriend on notice to start treating right or keep it moving. She makes it clear to him that he's not the only one who has a roster of options. KendyX wastes no time, delivering that smoke from the first verse with the lyrics, "You ain’t got no more time to make me feel / Anything less than special, no / You ain’t got no more time to make me feel / Like you can do better."  

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As the song progresses, we get the distinct feeling that she is closer to bouncing than reconciliation. "What you took for granted, they tryna cherish / I’m so fed up with all of your bulls**t / I wasted time I can never get back / So if this ain’t what you want no more, then just say that," she sings to her soon-to-be ex. 

The video, visualized by Flashy Films and directed by Philon The Goat, transports us to a luxurious modern home where we see KendyX calling her beau on the phone. We hear the phone ringing and when he finally answers, she sings the song's lyrics and lays into him. While she delivers her ultimatum, we see her rocking a few different outfits throughout the house and sitting solemnly reviewing old photos of them together. The clip focuses on KendyX all alone in this big house, but we're pretty sure her next call will be to one of her "Options." 

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Watch KendyX in action in the video for "Options" below and, if you haven't had the opportunity to listen to her EP yet, you can find Misplaced streaming on digital music platforms. 

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