Joy Oladokun Finds The Strength Within On 'That's How God Made Me'

Photo Credit: Joy Oladokun/Instagram

Next month will bring the directorial debut of POSE star Billy Porter with the new film Anything's Possible. The film is a groundbreaking one because it spins the typical coming-of-age story through the lens of a trans teenager as she navigates falling in love. The dramedy seems to be a good time and the latest song released from the soundtrack, "That's How God Made Me" by singer-songwriter Joy Oladokun, keeps up the good vibes.

The track is based around a sped-up gospel sample that gives the song a sunny, celebratory feel. Joy, meanwhile, uses the opportunity to sing to speak on the self-acceptance and self-love that can be an inspiration in tough times.

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"Came a hell of a way / Did a whole lot of sinning / Took a whole lot of faith / And I ended up winning, yeah / That's how God made me," she sings on the chorus. The verses, meanwhile offer hope for those working hard toward their goals, with her singing at one point, "You gotta swim through the clouds to get to the rainbow / Sometimes you gotta bring your answer to the table / There ain't no place in the world, your dreams won't take you."

The hopeful message from Joy Oladokun seems to fit the feel of the film. But it also resonates even more given the fact that the singer-songwriter herself openly identifies as queer. It looks like the soundtrack for Anything's Possible will be just as inclusive as the film seems to be.

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Listen to "That's How God Made Me" when you press play and look for Anything's Possible to arrive on Amazon Prime Video on July 22nd.

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