Josh Levi & Normani Reignite Their Chemistry For The 'Don't They (Remix)'

Photo Credit: Josh Levi/YouTube

Josh Levi continues to be a rising star to watch. His "VICES" landed him heavy rotation on our playlists, and we've been waiting to hear what he has next. He's giving us what's next by reaching into his back catalog and revamping his track "Don't They." But rather than just give us a simple remix, he invites industry "it" girl Normani to ramp up the R&B vibes and fulfill the wishes of fans after she played his leading lady in the original's music video.

This new version starts with the same vibe as the original, with Josh singing over minimal production before the beat drops in hard and heavy. His emotion is intense enough to feel through his vocal as he suggests that they make their own love song.

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Normani sees his intense energy and raises the heat on her verse. "Don't they make love songs anymore? / Slow songs while you're holding me," she sings. "Slow jams 'til the morning / Can you read my mind? I don't want it / So you wanna know what turns me on." They then come together on the chorus, their voices melding and melting together in a sea of "ohs" and "yeahs" that shows their chemistry wasn't just on the screen.

Josh Levi and Normani make beautiful music together and we hope that, if this remix gets the video treatment, they break us off with another steamy performance. While we see how we can make that happen, listen to the twosome on the "Don't They (Remix)" when you press play.

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