John Legend & Muni Long Share Sweet Aural Pleasure On ‘Honey’

Photo Credit: Eric Williams

Earlier this week when John Legend dropped the music video for “Dope” featuring JID, he left a clue about his next single with Muni Long. If you weren’t paying attention, you may have blinked and missed it, but there’s no missing that John and Muni have released the song that he teased with their fresh duet “Honey.”

Known for his saccharine ballads, John Legend switches it up to give listeners something a little more sexy to slip into on “Honey.” He’s feenin’ for some of that sweet sticky thing from the first verse when he croons, “Honey, honey makes the world go ’round (the world go ’round) / Ain’t it lovely, the way you feel when I go down (when I go down).”

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John Legend singing a lyric about oral sex certainly wasn’t on our bingo card for 2022, but here we are. He later goes on to share how his lady is sweeter than honey, and he’s absolutely addicted to her sugar high.

Muni meets John in the middle with some flirtatious lyrics of her own filled with double entendres. “Don’t you love that golden glisten / When you put your finger in this / Orange blossom honeycomb / It’s waiting for you when you get home,” she sings, ready to satisfy her man’s sweet tooth and love him Long time.

“Honey” is dripping with ’70s soul (down to the scratchy vinyl record sound at the song’s onset) and dipped in contemporary R&B. Producers Ryan Tedder, Steven Franks, Lindgren and Tommy Brown were behind the boards on “Honey,” with all the aforementioned also songwriters alongside Legend, Long, Melanie Joy Fontana, HARV and Gregory Heinn

We gotta give it to both John Legend and Muni Long. He’s two-for-two with new releases this year, and she’s five-for-five at this point. They make quite a winning combination and sound great together. “Honey” is the second single from Legend’s forthcoming new album on Republic Records, and an official announcement about Long’s Def Jam Records debut album should be coming soon.

Dive into the “Honey” audio and lyric video (which curiously doesn’t have any honey in it) right here, and add this to your hot and sticky summertime playlists from your digital music service of choice.

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