Jessie Reyez Returns To Put A Deceitful Lover On Blast With ‘FRAUD’

Photo Credit: Jessie Reyez/YouTube

It’s been a while since we heard from the “BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US” singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez, but the star is coming back with a bang. As she prepares us for what happens next, she’s giving us an inkling with her explosive new single “FRAUD.”

“FRAUD” is definitely a lover-scorned anthem, with Jessie taking aim at a lover who proved to be less than ideal. She doesn’t bother to mince words about her feelings, either, starting the song with a sing-song verse in which she drops several f-bombs to get her point across.

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“Boy, you’re such a f**kin’ fraud, your lies, they go on and on / Play the prince to fall in and then you switch like a chameleon,” she sings. “‘Cause you such a f**kin’ fraud, b***h a**, you a fuckin’ dog / I heard you got a new b***h, bet she don’t know who she f**kin’, dog.” Sheesh.

That harsh sentiment isn’t reflected in the song’s production though, which is actually bright and bouncy thanks to the guitar licks and vocals samples that make up the melody. The only thing that suggests the harder edge of the subject matter is actually the hard-hitting drums, which could be just as at home on a hardcore rap track.

The song’s video, which Jessie co-directs, also acts as a mix of softer and darker elements. It opens with women dressed in red getting Jessie glammed up as she sings. She’s then grabbed by a scary masked figure and led to an even more frightful figure dressed in all-black. She’s clever enough to use the moment to free herself and her squad as they wreak havoc on the world the fraudulent figure has created for himself.

The ladies eventually lay waste to their surroundings, reimagining it into something more suitable for Jessie and her crimson crew, including them sitting among flowers growing wild a forming a sort of throne for them to sit upon.

Jessie Reyez’s “FRAUD” will be very relatable to anyone who’s dealt with a liar or two in their dating life. And if that liar is you, then just be sure to stay far away from Miss Jessie and her girls. Give “FRAUD” a spin and a look below.

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