Jade Novah Serves Beauty With A Cosmic Flair In 'Lost In You'

Photo Credit: Jade Novah/YouTube

Jade Novah has had us mesmerized with her talent ever since she crossed our path. Her recent output — including singles "I Just Wanna Know" and "Lost In You" — has only enchanted us further. With her getting ready to embark on her Moon In Pisces Tour this summer, the songstress gives us a taste of what to expect when she hits the road with the video for "Lost In You."

Jade turns up the charm and the glamour for the clip, which finds her sporting many gorgeous looks with a futuristic twist to them. Accentuating all of this beauty are an array of lighting effects that give the entire video a cosmic flair as Jade looks like she's floating among the stars and galaxies in space.

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Of course, it's not all about the looks. The star's talent is still front and center as she sings the romantic ballad. She makes sure to steal glances at the camera and offer the viewers longing looks and smiles, making us feel as if we're the lover she wants to get lost with as the song's arrangement washes over us like the lights in the video.

We'd love to get lost in any galaxy where we can witness the beauty of Jade Novah and listen to her lovely voice. Check out Jade Novah going supernova in the most alluring way possible when you watch the video for "Lost In You" below.

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