Jac Ross Steps Into Focus With An Assist From D-Nice On 'So Into You'

Photo Credit: Jac Ross/YouTube

Jac Ross isn't a household name quite yet, but he might just be well on his way. The singer-songwriter's talent has afforded him many opportunities, including participating in the Soul Cypher at last year's Soul Train Awards and getting a special spotlight performance at this year's BET Awards. But just in case you still haven't gotten into him, he aims to impress with his cover of '90s R&B classic "So Into You."

The song, best known by Tamia's original 1998 version, has been covered and sampled many times since its release. Jac Ross' take is perhaps one of the best versions of the song, though. Produced by Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins and featuring an assist from D-Nice, Jac reimagines the song as a stirring ballad with minimal production. The approach allows his voice to be the driving force, giving the rising star a chance to truly shine on the song without comparisons to what came before.

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The same approach is taken with the song's visual. Though Darkchild and D-Nice get a shout out on the song, they are nowhere to be seen in the video. Instead, we see Jac sitting down at the keyboard and mic to sing the track. The camera then pans around him as he plays and sings with a tight focus on the singer to let you know all the magic your feeling is courtesy of him and his talents.

This isn't the first single from Jac Ross or even his first time his music has broken through to a wider audience, but we have a feeling this just might be the song that catapults him into the hearts of music lovers everywhere. Go ahead and fall in love with him by giving "So Into You" a spin and watching the its music video. Then stick around to watch his spotlight performance of his 2021 single "Never Say" for BET Awards '22 to see why he's got next.

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