IV Jay Has Found A Love That Gives Her 'Good Karma'

Photo Credit: IV Jay/Instagram

IV Jay came with some heat when she delivered her jam "Vibrate" with Pink Sweat$ last summer. But the rising star is just starting to make it hot. In fact, she's got a new project in the works and she's bringing new music our way in the form of her single "Good Karma."

"Good Karma" is a love ballad with a bit of a twist. Based around gentle guitar and drums, the song finds IV singing of all the things that love's got her doing. "I was so used to being lonely / Now I'm so used to how you hold me," she sings on the opening verse. "Blessings like this can't go unspoken / How did I end up so deserving?"

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Not only is this easygoing love a blessing for IV Jay, it seems to also be a reward she keeps reaping, as she sings on the chorus, "Good karma / Yeah, you're my good karma / Giving me good problems / I swеar, baby, it's true / You make a bad guy sing thе blues."

The song isn't just special because of IV Jay's talent. It's also somewhat of a statement for the singer. "'Good Karma' is the first song I've written where I openly speak on loving a woman," she said of the single. "It's amazing to create something so special and inclusive for the LGBTQ community."

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We all deserve a love that makes us feel as good as IV sounds on this record. Here's hoping that our karma is good enough that we won't have to wait long for IV Jay's next project, which is due out later this year. Listen to "Good Karma" below.

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