Gwen Bunn Takes The Blame In 'Put It On Me'

Photo Credit: Gwen Bunn/YouTube

In relationships, at times you find yourself choosing between being right and being happy. While blissfully existing in both might sound like the optimal choice, you may need to humble yourself in order to keep the peace between you and your partner. Rather than continue to bicker, singer-songwriter and multi-platinum producer Gwen Bunn takes the blame on her latest single “Put It On Me.”

Though it’s clear who’s really at fault, Gwen takes one for the team and accepts responsibility on “Put It On Me.” She's just trying to keep the peace when she sings, “Blame it all on me if it makes you feel better / Whatever it takes, 'cause we all know the truth / Just like you / But if it'll keep us together, it's better this way.”

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The instrumentation is a mashup of speaker-rattling percussion, guitar and flute that combine into an eerie sound bed. Gwen softens the ominous track with pillowy vocals that aren't overpowered by the music.

For the Gabe Hostetler-directed visual, we watch as Gwen packs and moves boxes out of an apartment and onto a truck. While each item appears to spark a bit of nostalgia, she continues to make space both figuratively and literally. We can all agree that both are necessary when protecting our peace and Gwen seems content in doing just that. Though we never get a glimpse of the source of the conflict, by the end of the visual her guitar serves as her trusted companion and all is right in her world, as well as ours.

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Let Gwen Bunn put it on you with “Put It on Me” below and slide the song onto your playlists from your preferred digital music provider. Fans of the Decatur, Georgia native can still grab tickets to catch her live this summer as part of fellow songbird Alex Isley’s Marigold Tour.  

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