GoGo Morrow's Situationship Is Getting 'In The Way' Of What She's Feeling

Photo Credit: GoGo Morrow/Facebook

GoGo Morrow may be a fresh face to some, but she is no stranger to the industry. Having toured with artists like Wiz Khalifa and lending vocals to the Kanye West orchestrated Sunday Service Choir, she knows her way around these musical streets. This may explain how the songstress was able to give a modern twist to Brownstone's '90s R&B classic “If You Love Me” by interpolating its lyrics into her official debut single “In The Way.”

The Philadelphia native brings an assertiveness to the track co-written and co-produced by Harmony Samuels. She questions her situationship's commitment and contemplates if he's "In The Way" of any opportunity for her to meet a real one and experience true love. Between the power of her voice and her audacious lyrics, the message is delivered loud and clear: She is not afraid to walk away from lazy love.  

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An unabashed Morrow addresses her reluctant partner by pointing out the ways he’s not been valuing her love. “You love me when it’s convenient / Can never tell when you mean it / If you’re not all the way in it / Maybe you should just let someone else get it,” she sings while calling his bluff.

The accompanying video opens with the blue-haired beauty laying across her lover’s lap. We ultimately catch glimpses of the couple in seasons of contentment and contention. Happier times are filled with scenes of the pair slow dancing and exchanging warm touches, cozying up to each other while seated on the kitchen floor.

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But soon conflict is on the horizon when the lovers are seen positioned on opposite sides of the bed, seemingly worlds apart. We witness a fed-up GoGo slam a car door and storm off after addressing her lover’s lackluster efforts. The brashness of the lyrics is heightened by the images, giving us a clear picture of the singer-songwriter completely ready to move after realizing her energy isn’t reciprocated.

The release comes following news of GoGo Morrow inking a deal with Harmony Samuels' B.O.E Records, a Universal Music imprint, in conjunction with Kenya Barris’ label Khalabo Music, an imprint of Interscope Records. Big things are popping and coming for GoGo Morrow, and there's no getting in her way. Stream her single "In The Way" and watch its vivid video below.

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