Flying Lotus & Devin Tracy Collaborate On 'The Room' & 'You Don't Know'

Photo Credit: John King | Devin Tracy/Twitter

Flying Lotus recently surprised his cult-like following with a double-dose of his signature sound. This time, the consummate artist teamed up with Soulection vocalist Devin Tracy for singles “The Room” and “You Don’t Know.”

On "The Room," Devin sings of his struggle to break from a doomed love affair. A slight rework of "Crust" from the FlyLo-produced score of Netflix’s 2021 anime series Yasuke, the despair in Devin’s tone ‎echoes the biting bass line and dark energy of the track as he sings, “You’re breakin’ my heart, doin’ it all again / You tear me apart.” 

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Though serving slightly brighter energy, “You Don’t Know” picks up where “The Room” leaves off, with Devin urging his lover to see his heart. Piercing strings add a certain sadness, as the sun has seemingly set on this romance. Still, despite the perpetual misunderstanding, Devin remains steadfast and pleads, “I keep chasin’ and you keep runnin’ away / You don’t see me at all, oh no, but you don’t know.” 

After announcing plans to direct and score a sci-fi horror film entitled Ash, these two latest offerings illustrate the versatility and depth of FlyLo’s talent. He and Devin Tracy prove to be a perfect match artistically, as he notes “The kinship was immediate.” Despite the heartbreaking subject matter, their seamless blend of styles serves fans with a soulful two-piece to vibe to throughout the summer.

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Listen to Flying Lotus and Devin Tracy's creative union on “The Room” and “You Don’t Know” below. Add the double single to your music collection from your preferred digital platform.  

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