Doechii Gives A Devilishly Good Performance Of 'Persuasive' & 'Crazy' For Vevo DSCVR

Photo Credit: Vevo DSCVR/YouTube

Doechii is still setting the world on fire and giving them hell every time she takes the stage. The last time we caught up with the rapper/singer, she was turning The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon's televised audience out with a mashup performance of her two breakout singles "Persuasive" and "Crazy." Now the TDE star is back to bring her charms to the folks of Vevo DSCVR with performances of both tracks for the ongoing series.

Donning flaming red hair shaped into horns and a black leather outfit, the artist went all-out for each performance backed only by her trusted DJ. For "Persuasive," she started out the set in shadow before lighting things up with her talent. Once things were sufficiently hype, she vamped and posed through the track until the beat flipped. That's when she strutted her stuff, duck walked and bounced until the song's conclusion.

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Doechii started at 10 for "Crazy," bringing a manic personality to each of the verses. She continued serving big energy through the end of the song, with her jerky movements matching the song's off-kilter energy as the room's lights blinked and cycled through several colors along with her many moods.

We can't get enough of Doechii and her refreshing burst of individuality in an industry that's focused on making more of the same. Enjoy her freaking her two singles once again and keep watching for more to come from her direction soon.

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