Diddy Taps Bryson Tiller For His R&B Comeback ‘Gotta Move On’

Photo Credit: Bryson Tiller/Instagram

It’s been a minute since Sean “Diddy” Combs released new music, but the wait is officially over. Diddy is back in his R&B bag with the new single “Gotta Move On” featuring trap soul pioneer Bryson Tiller. This is the first listen from Diddy’s forthcoming new album, which will drop later this year and be the first release on his new label Love Records in partnership with the iconic label Motown Records.

“Gotta Move On” slaps right outta the gate. A syncopated drumbeat, synths and keys serve as the foundation for Diddy and Bryson to share the tale of his lady love who has found someone new. After speculating about why, he comes to a clear resolution about what he needs to do, which is to keep it moving. 

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Tiller takes the first verse, and he makes the case for why his love should have been reciprocated. “I tried, I tried to give it all to you, baby / Brand new Mercedes, a newborn baby, yeah,” he sings. He eventually realizes that it just wasn’t enough as he repeats on the chorus, “She don’t want my love / I guess I gotta move on.”

Diddy slides through on the second verse and confirms that he is also on to the next one if he can’t be the priority because he is not an option. “We goin’ up, we goin’ live / Can’t stop, won’t stop told y’all / See me pull up, no problem / I can never, ever be no one option,” he raps. 

The visualizer for “Gotta Move On” takes a less is more approach and brings to mind Craig Mack‘s “Flava In Ya Ear (Remix)” video with a TikTok twist. Set on a stark set, it only features a female dancer and Diddy awash in a red filter similar to 2021’s silhouette challenge.  

The camera focuses on the woman who starts dancing in the background and eventually moves closer to the camera. As she beings feeling the music, she ups her game and dances more seductively. Eventually Diddy resurfaces to bust a move, and they dance together. As the visual ends, Diddy and the dancer get close to the camera, mouthing his lyrics, “Get in your bag / Stay in your bag,” as the music fades out. 

One thing that isn’t fading out is Diddy’s career. Firmly in its fourth decade, he always finds a way to reinvent himself and land on his feet – and get us up on ours. He does it again with “Gotta Move On,” which is a certified bop and sure to rock parties all summer long and beyond. Have a Diddy Bop ready when you press play on the audio and visualizer below. 

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