Davina Is Back In Love 'Again'

Photo Credit: Davina/Spotify

For many '90s R&B and neo-soul music heads, Davina's 1998 debut album Best Of Both Worlds was a classic that still resonates with them and gets play to this day. It's been a minute since we've heard from the singer, songwriter and producer and by "a minute" we mean close to 15 years, when she released her sophomore album Return To Soul Vol. 1 in 2007. While we were sleeping, though, the Detroit native has been quietly releasing new music and is officially back on the scene with a new single entitled “Again.”

Known for her distinctive, smooth yet slightly raspy voice and mid-tempo sound, Davina's latest effort fits that mold. Her vocals haven’t lost a step, as she floats over the funky bassline, nasty guitar lick and congas that complement the drumbeat.

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“Again” is about reconnecting with an old lover and rekindling the fire they made. The reconnection has Davina sprung, and she wants to tell the world how good it feels. In the first verse, she articulates her feelings clearly. "It’s me again calling / I need you / To know I am falling / In love again / And we started as friends / So we can love again," she sings to her homie/lover/friend.

She sees this rekindled relationship as long-term, and there's no stopping them now as she croons, "Baby, we’re here to win / Again / Our love brings sunshine and flow / And everyone will know / It’s love again." 

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We are happy to see Davina back in the game and back on our radar. The fact that she sounds as good today as she did back in the day is simply the icing on the cake. Get reacquainted with Davina when you listen to “Again” below and follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to keep up with her and her new music. 

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