Coco Jones Brings A Little Drama To Black Music Month With 'Love Is War' For Amazon Originals

Photo Credit: Amazon Music

It's Black Music Month, y'all! While we celebrate the beauty of Black music all year long, now is the time when many take the time to honor the myriad contributions of Black artists to the sounds and culture we love. Amazon Music is one such entity and they're kicking off their month-long "Credit The Culture" campaign with a brand new original song by our girl Coco Jones entitled "Love Is War."

We already knew that Coco had pipes and R&B appeal thanks to songs like her recent single "Caliber." However, on "Love Is War," she sings like she has something to prove. The song starts with lush instrumentation that includes strings and woodwinds. The hard-hitting crush of drums breaks through the idyllic sounds and introduces the songstress' vocal as she questions what is going on.

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"My what have we done? / Try love, they said it'd be fun," she sings on the opening verse. "Ooh, what a hell of a run / No brakes on the ride down." She goes on to describe the ups and downs of a love affair that is always on the brink of being destroyed. But if it's meant to go bust, she's willing to let it burn bright and explode.

"Love Is War" is a strong showing for Coco Jones and has us wondering what else the budding starlet has in store for us. It's also a great start for Amazon Music's "Credit The Culture" campaign, which will also see exclusive new music from the likes of Yung Bleu, bLAck pARty and others and even an orchestral tribute to The Notorious B.I.G. that will play on their Twitch stream on June 10th. You'll want to keep your eyes and ears open for what they have in store, but first, take a listen to "Love Is War" below.

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