Coco Jones Once Again Showcases Her Talent With A Live Performance Of 'Love Is War'

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/YouTube

Coco Jones is that chick. The singer/actress has continually impressed us with her musical talent thanks to recent singles "Caliber" and her Amazon Originals track "Love Is War." The latter release was part of Amazon's Credit The Culture initiative for Black Music Month. Now that the month draws to a close, Coco is showcasing her skills with a live rendition of "Love Is War."

The studio version of the track already had us in awe as Coco injected passion and soul into its orchestral arrangement, turning it into an R&B torch song for her generation. We already knew that the singer had the chops to bring the song to life live, but she goes above and beyond for this live version.

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After her musicians lead us into the track gently with strings and keys, the camera pans to Coco looking like a vision in white as she effortlessly delivers the intense vocal. She makes her way around the crimson room as the camera pans around, with her emoting not just with her voice but with her many facial expressions throughout the clip. Once the clip reaches its emotional climax, the camera pans up before fading to black.

"I hope my fans see growth in me, they've seen me since I was a kid," Coco said about the song. "I hope they see my journey and think to themselves, 'Wow, that took Coco a long time, maybe my journey taking a long time is okay, too.'"

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Her musical and personal growth is obvious in this performance, and we can't wait to hear and see where Coco Jones takes us next. Watch her live performance of "Love Is War" below.

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