Coco Jones Gives Us Sexy Intrigue In 'Caliber'

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/YouTube

Coco Jones got us open earlier this year when she dropped her sultry single "Caliber" in March. Since then, we've gotten performances, meet-and-greets and even a teaser visualizer. But what we've really wanted for the jam was a video that lived up to its...well...caliber. The singer finally delivers on the promise with the official clip for the song.

Coco teams up with Teyana Taylor, who once again slips on her director's hat as she gives the video's narrative an espionage spin. The clip begins with Coco entering a party after putting in special contact lenses that allow her to surveil her surroundings. Unbeknownst to her, the hottie at the bar also seems to be on a mission. They also share a romantic spark between them, but before she can explore that, she spots her mark and goes to plant something on him.

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Coco's spy tactics lack a little finesse, however, and the mark picks a fight with her. Luckily, bartending cutie is there to help her out of the jam with a quick right hook. Before we can get into what happens next, though, we get hit with the dreaded "To Be Continued." Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

We actually can't wait to see and hear what else Coco Jones has in store for us in the music front. Until she announces what's next, get current by watching the video for "Caliber" when you press play.

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